We have an option for anyone, from our starting line-up ciders offered year-round and rotational ciders, grape and apple wines, slushies, cocktails, and local craft beer. Limited indoor and covered deck seating and plenty of outdoor seating. Open through Fri-Sun through December 30, 2021 and will reopen Feb 2022. No Reservations.

CIDER ON DRAFT: Updated 11/23

#1: Curveball

sweeter than junior's swing, this is our sweet, HARD CIDER. Carbonated to fizzy perfection, curveball allows you to appreciate the crisp apple flavor, but satisfies your sweet tooth too.

6.9% ABV

$7:       16 oz glass
$14:     32 oz Growler

#4: black cherry bomb

when a pitcher throws a "cherry bomb" it's usually a sweet pitch, and this cider is no exception. Plenty of cherry flavor, but less tart than it's sour cherry teammate.

6.9% ABV

$8:       16 oz glass
$14:     32 oz Growler
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mix and match any cider or wine: four different 4oz pours ANY WAY YOU WANT THEM.


and beer




#2: Fastball

our traditional dry cider, and one of the originals for us here at hardball. Nothing added, just freshly-pressed cider fermented into a crisp and dry apple treat; just as the club manager (and the apple tree) had intended.

6.9% ABV

$7:       16 oz glass
$14:     32 oz Growler

#3: SPiced curveball

THe sweetness of curveball with fresh cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove means this is an apple pie in a glass with a crisp finish that isn't TOO sweet. perfect any time of year!

6.9% ABV

$7:       16 oz glass
$14:     32 oz Growler

#5: Hey, Blue!

one of the most popular cider on our team, it's made blueberries for a refreshing berry flavor that's not overly sweet. Call the ump on this one, as it might be your new favorite this winter.

6.5% ABV

$7:       16 oz glass
$14:     32 oz Growler

Wines and other

gin music- Dry apple aged in chardonnay gin barrel

right fielder- peach bourbon wine

like its teammate at center, this guy was aged in bourbon barrels, but with peach juice, rather than apple. Semi-sweet with a mouthfeel that is a velvety as a southern drawl.

12.5% alc/vol

$8:       single glass
$22:     32oz growler

Dry apple with lush floral and lemon from the 1 year this was aged in a chardonnay gin barrel is perfect for those dry, gin lovers. 

9.3% alc/vol

$8:       single glass
$22:     32oz growler (to-Go only)

hammerin' hank

(sweet apple)

tropical oasis in a glass, hammerin' hank is our apple wine aged one year in a local distillery-used rum barrel, then conditioned over fresh pineapple and coconut extract.

8.4% alc/vol

$8:       single glass
$22      32oz growler 
(to-Go only)
Caramel apple and fresh apple slushies 
$8:  16oz pint cup
Hot Ciders (spiked or non-alcoholic)
$8:  Spiked with shot of apple jack


lazy river pilsner

5.5% aBV | new trail Brewing

Lantern Lager- 5.2%ABV

Lost Tavern BRewing

light and crisp for those who grab for the lightest beer option, but with plenty of taste | 7

rich and malty with the 

refreshing finish of a lager. | 7

heller-weizen- 5.3% aBV

lost tavern brewing

a german-style, wheat beer with hints of citrus and banana.

Lehigh IPA

7% aBV | McCall Brewing

Flannel weather- 9% aBV new trail brewing

a citrus hazy ipa you can enjoy more than one of. with tropical notes, it's smooth and crushable. | 8

a hazy imperial ipa with notes of fleshy fruits, white grape, and a surprisingly smooth finish | 8

pass thru porter- 5.2%

lost tavern brewing

roast and robust with strong, coffee notes and hints of caramel | 7